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Offering warm and welcoming Greek hospitality, the Kostas and Mary apartments are situated in a quiet area offering peace and tranquillity. While benefitting from a quieter location, Skiathos town is within easy reach. Offering a superb choice of taverns, restaurants, bars and clubs; the town benefits from a cosmopolitan vibe both during the day and at night. If you’re looking for a fun night out, head to the sophisticated clubs and bars. During the day there are plenty of nearby activities to keep you entertained. Water sports, tennis, hiking, cycling, cruises and volleyball can all be found within walking distance of the complex. Or if you’d prefer a more relaxing stay, why not head to one of the many beaches on the island and soak up the Greek sun? Onsite there’s a swimming pool, poolside bar and a sun terrace with free sun loungers and parasols. The bar offers a buffet style breakfast in the morning at an additional cost.

Room facilities at the Kostas and Mary include a hairdryer, TV and balcony. Air conditioning and a safe are available but they will be locally charged. The rooms also receive a daily maid service and linen is changed twice a week, while towels are changed every 2 days.

Kostas & Mary apartments can be booked with Thomson. See below for prices and availability.

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