Like many of the beaches in Skiathos, the Banana beach is split into two different sections. You can visit the Big Banana Beach or the Little Banana beach depending upon what type of atmosphere you’re looking for. Situated on the western side of the island, both beaches boast stunning clear blue waters and golden sand. Big Banana is the most popular and larger of the two sections. It is particularly popular with the younger crowd and it was once known as a nudist beach. However, the Small Banana beach seems to have taken over that role. If you’re travelling with small children and you don’t want them exposed to nudity then stick to the Big Banana beach. Due to the excellent cross shore breeze, this beach is ideal for water sports such as windsurfing. Both the Little Banana and the Big Banana beaches are great for watching the sunset.

The Banana Beach has sunbeds and umbrellas for those looking to lie back and top up their tans. However, it is worth noting that the sun bed area tends to get quite noisy. Loud music helps to keep younger travellers happy and there are regular parties hosted after 6pm. There are quieter parts of the beach you can retreat to if loud music isn’t your thing.


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