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Situated in the Profitis Ilias area of Skiathos, the Panorama Pizza restaurant is a family run establishment. It offers brilliant views over the island and is set in a nice, peaceful location. The menu offers a range of Italian, Greek and Mediterranean dishes. The food is home-made, guaranteeing only the freshest flavours. There is even a fantastic selection of hand-made desserts and pastries available. The restaurant started out as a country house in 1987 and visitors used to stop by to witness the beautiful views. It wasn’t until 1994 that the house was turned into a restaurant. Now it remains one of the most popular restaurants on the island and is renowned for its friendly service and delicious food.

Panorama pizza is popular with both locals and tourists. You’ll often find the majority of other guests are Greek. The pizzas are freshly made to order and many say they are the best they have ever tasted. You would expect this restaurant to charge a fortune due to the location and high quality homemade food. However, the prices are extremely reasonable and even ideal for those on a budget. You will need transportation to get here, but there is public transportation available if you don’t have a car.


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