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Considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in Skiathos, Portobello benefits from a central location. Situated on the popular Papadiamantis street, the restaurant features a unique, romantic design and offers a stunning garden for outdoor dining. It has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the staff are known for their friendly disposition and excellent service. Exotic cocktails and a fantastic Mediterranean and international menu are what you can expect from this establishment. The chef adds a unique twist to each meal, making it completely different from anything you’ve tasted before. The music played throughout the restaurant varies and has something to suit all tastes. The portion sizes are extremely generous. If you head there for breakfast there is a set continental/full English menu available.

Portobello is open from 8.30am until midnight. Due to its central location, it can become quite busy during peak times. Some of the dishes not to be missed include cheese pie and the chicken fillet stuffed with feta and tomatoes. The red sangria is also recommended and the staff will even pour the wine into a jug rather than a glass if you ask nicely. With reasonable prices, large portions, excellent service and a great setting, this is definitely one of the nicest restaurants in Skiathos.


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