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It is difficult to beat the spectacular views you are presented with at the Areti 1 Studios. Set on a hillside in the popular Agia Paraskevi area, the accommodation is tucked quietly away, yet within easy reach of major facilities. There are a number of beaches just 5 minutes away from the property and you are only 15 minutes away from the centre of the Platanias. Here you’ll find a range of restaurants and taverns offering mouth-watering homemade Greek dishes. The complex itself offers a pretty impressive swimming pool area. It overlooks the sea and is a really decent size. There are a number of free sun loungers and parasols placed around the poolside where you can really relax and kick back after a long day of exploring. The poolside bar is available throughout the day, offering a good selection of snacks and drinks. There is a bus stop located close by which can take you into Skiathos town, or to any of the major beaches across the island.

All of the Areti 1 studios can sleep 2-3 people and they feature twin or double beds, a TV, kitchenette and balcony. Air conditioning is available, though it does come at a local charge.

Areti 1 Studios can be booked with Thomson. See below for prices and availability.

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