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Situated in the Platanias area, Skiathos Repos Villas is a luxurious property with stunning views over the nearby mountains. Ideal for those looking to get away from it all, the nearest beach and bus stop is just a 15 minute walk. The bus can take you directly into the town, or to many of the nearby beaches. The town itself is a 15 minute drive. If you aren’t hiring a car, you can easily take a taxi which frequently pass by on the main southern coastal road. The villa is always kept immaculately clean and the owner is well-known for her friendly and kind manner. She goes above and beyond to help with whatever you might need, including making doctors’ appointments if you or your children fall ill. There is an onsite pool which has a ledge at one end that is suitable for small children. Water skiing is available at the nearby Agia Paraskevi Beach. Other local activities include horse riding, snorkelling, tennis and hiking.

When you arrive at the Skiathos Repos Villas, you’ll find a selection of local maps, activities and restaurant guides. Amenities include hair dryer, Wi-Fi, bottled water, firewood, air conditioning and a fully equipped kitchen.

Skiathos Repos Villas can be booked with HomeAway. See below for prices and availability.

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