About Us

SkiathosInfo.com began back in 1997 as a way to spread our passion and attract visitors to this beautiful island. Our goal was to create a comprehensive information resource and travel guide to help travellers and holidaymakers plan their trip and get the most from their Skiathos experience.

Since its inception, SkiathosInfo.com has become one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand websites for all things related to the island. It’s also consistently been amongst the top-ranked websites for Skiathos travel information in the major search engines. But we want to be more to our users than just a website.

We are growing a community at SkiathosInfo.com. We’ve recently redeveloped and expanded our site with a focus on more user-generated content. Now any SkiathosInfo.com user can add hotels, villas, reviews, ratings and trip reports. SkiathosInfo.com is becoming the ideal place where tourists can meet each other and connect with Skiathos businesses before their holidays even begin.

Join our community and help SkiathosInfo.com evolve. Working together we can make this site the #1 community and source of information and news. Post your reviews, ratings and trip reports and help our fellow holidaymakers make informed decisions when they journey to our sunny island.