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Did you know that there are over 2 MILLION Skiathos-related searches made online every year? That’s around 5,500 searches per day, or 230 an hour! These incredibly high numbers show just how in demand Skiathos is, and they continue to rise year over year. But you might be wondering what a “search” is anyway... It’s simply when a person enters a phrase such as “Skiathos Hotels”, or “Skiathos Beaches” into a search search engine like Google. When someone searches for one of these Skiathos-related queries, it marks the very beginning of their journey to the island - their first step into educating themselves about places to stay and things to see.

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Established in 1997, is one of the longest-running websites providing tourists with high-quality information about the island. Due to its long history as a trusted resource for tourists, it ranks highly in the search engines for all types of Skiathos-related queries. Because it’s often ranked number 1, it takes a huge share of the Skiathos online audience every single day. In fact, had over 100,000 unique visitors last year, and we expect a significant increase in users this year as we expand our content publishing and social media campaigns.

WHAT WE OFFER offers two types of advertising: Profile Pages, and Ad Links.

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To promote your business to thousands of Skiathos tourists, a Profile Page is a great way to start. They are free of charge, and allow you to create a full page on our website, including a full description, unlimited photos, and a user reviews section. To allow customers to contact your business directly from your profile page, you can also upgrade to a Premium Profile Page. These include an enquiry form, telephone number, and a map so that your customers can easily find you when they’re on the island.

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If you have a website or Facebook page you would also like to promote, Ad Links are the perfect option. Available throughout all the popular sections of, Ad Links allow you to display an advertisement for your business right where users can see them. When a user clicks on your advertisement, they are taken directly to your website of choice (whether that’s your official website, or perhaps a Facebook page). Ad Links are the most effective way of getting a qualified Skiathos tourism prospect to your website of choice.

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