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Located in the south of Skiathos, the Agia Paraskevi beach, also known as “Platanias Beach”, boasts lush golden sand and beautiful blue waters. It is one of the most scenic beaches on the island and gets its name from the Agia Paraskevi church close by. There is a bus running from Skiathos town to this large beach and there is plenty of accommodation close by. It is situated within the same bay as the Kolios and Vromolimnos beaches, making it an ideal spot for beach lovers. For those who enjoy hiking, there is a concrete and dirt road that leads from the nearby bus stop to the Kechria monastery and beach. This walk will take approximately one and a half to two hours to complete.

Surrounding the Agia Paraskevi beach, you’ll find plenty of taverns offering a wide selection of authentic Greek foods. Due to its large size, the beach also offers plenty of space to try out one of the water sports on offer. Water skiing and jet skiing are just two activities you can enjoy. You also have the option to hire a boat and head to the more remote beaches on the island. While the beach can get busy at times, you can always head to the other two smaller beaches right next to it for a more peaceful experience.


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