Aselinos Beach is located in the northern part of Skiathos and there are actually two different parts. The big beach is quite popular and can become crowded during peak season. It tends to be more of a stopover beach which tourists head to on daily excursions. The sea isn’t as calm here as it is on some of the other nearby beaches. There is a great restaurant on site and you can avoid the crowds if you head here early morning or later in the evening. The other small beach is ideal for those seeking a more relaxing break. You will need to go on a little climb to get to it, but the charming, unspoilt atmosphere is definitely worthwhile. There is a small quaint tavern and two places of interest you can visit including the Kounistria Monastery and dog shelter.

The Aselinos beach is ideal for those looking to avoid the big crowds. It is better suited to a relaxing, quiet break and doesn’t offer much in the way of activities. Sun loungers and umbrellas are provided, but if you’re hoping to take part in various water sports you will want to head to one of the other larger beaches.


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