The secluded beach at Lalaria is only reachable via boat. You’ll find plenty of boat trips to the beach from Skiathos Town. Situated close to the north of the island, it is a particular favourite spot for photographers and it isn’t hard to see why. Large rocks spring out from the sea at the southern part of the beach, with space underneath them for boats to pass through. Something many people don’t realise is there is actually another hole located under the surface of the water. If you’re a good swimmer you’ll be able to swim through. Rather than sand, the beach is made up of pebbles which some people may find difficult to walk on. While you’re in the area, it is highly recommended you take a boat to the nearby Blue and Dark caves.

There are no facilities provided at Lalaria Beach and you won’t find any shade either. It is popular due to its outstanding beauty. If you love to explore, this is definitely a beach you won’t want to miss. Due to its secluded location, it doesn’t get too busy. There are regular boat trips that tend to cram as many passengers as they can into each trip, but the beach will never be overcrowded.


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