The Megali Ammos beach is one of the most popular beaches on Skiathos island. This is partly due to its location. The beach is a very short 2km distance away from the main town, making it incredibly easy to get to. There are two rows of sun beds available and it does tend to get really busy. It is worth noting that the sunbeds aren’t there early in the morning so you are guaranteed a quiet walk along the coast if you head out early. You will get to meet a lot of locals as well as tourists on this beach and it is ideal for families due to the range of activities on offer and the beautiful shallow waters. One thing the Megali Ammos beach is famous for is its water sports school. Lessons are available for all ages and abilities. The water sports area can get pretty noisy, but there are quieter parts of the beach a little further along.

While most of the Megali Ammos beach features lush golden sand, there is a pebbled area towards the west of the beach. There are a number of beach bars available and the Swell Bar is considered one of the best. Showers are available at the beach and there are plenty of great restaurants nearby.


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