Need a rental car with maximum available space? The full size/large models could be just what you need. They ensure you never get caught short by not having enough space for all of your luggage. The cost is something you might be worrying about, but the good news is full size vehicles rarely work out much more expensive than mid-size cars. This is especially true if you shop around. Never settle for the first quote you are offered – compare at least three different companies to get a good idea of price before making a booking. Don’t just look at the cost however; pay attention to the company’s reputation, extra features and terms and conditions before you agree to hire.

When choosing a full size/large rental car, you’ll have a number of options. There are a few different models offered by the rental companies on Skiathos, but a common model is the Peugeot 407. Typically it’s recommended you book a car rental pretty far in advance to ensure you get the best available price. However, the larger cars don’t tend to be as popular as the smaller ones, so if you have left it a little late you could still be in luck.

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