Content Guidelines

Only content that is related to Skiathos Island and how to plan and research a trip to Skiathos is allowed. welcomes listings and reviews for the following:

  • Accommodation – Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Studios, Rooms.
  • Rentals – Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, Jet Skis.
  • Places – Bars, Beaches, Charities, Night Clubs, Shops, Sport & Leisure Clubs, Restaurants.

Only listings for accommodation, rentals, places or activities located on or within the vicinity of Skiathos Island are allowed.

Reviews must be posted within a year of experience.

Photos posted must be relevant to the review of the accommodation, rental, place or activity.

No duplicate photos allowed.

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Accommodation Listing Guidelines
Accommodation listing is available only to businesses with an official name and address that offer rooms or units at a permanent address. The property must have daily onsite management.

Rentals Listing Guidelines
Rental listing is only available to businesses with an official name and address that offer car, motorcycle, ATV, boat or Jet Ski rentals.

Places Listing Guidelines
Places listing is available to a variety of businesses or places of interest to travellers and include bars, beaches, charities, night clubs, shops, sport & leisure clubs and restaurants.