Skiathos Property

Skiathos is not just a place to visit on holiday. It can also be a place to call home – some of the time, or all the time. People have such a great time on Skiathos that they visit year after year. Many eventually decide they want their own piece of island and they buy a home here. If you find yourself dreaming and yearning over Skiathos, maybe you should think about buying a home on the island.

Many people from the UK have bought homes here and spend their summers on the island. If you’re considering buying property rather than just renting every time you come to Skiathos, you need to use a brokerage company, like Skiathos Property. They have a 30 year track record on the island and will walk you through the process of selecting and viewing properties. Once you’ve selected the property you want to buy, they will help guide you through the legalities required by Greek law.

Click here to read over the excellent FAQ that Skiathos Property has written to walk you through the process of buying property on Skiathos.

Whether you want to live here full-time or just have a summer holiday house, you’ll be joining a growing community of ex-pat residents.