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The Atrium Villas are a perfect getaway with incredible views beyond your expectations. Spending days next to the turquoise pool, watching romantic sunsets, dining outdoors and dreaming under the starry sky… It is a perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate.

Each villa is comprised of two buildings – main building and stone building – connected with a pergola forming an inner courtyard. The living area with kitchen, living room and two bedrooms are situated in the main building. As an extension to the interior a covered terrace for dining outside follows the living room. The stone building consists of two master bedrooms with their own private bathrooms. Surrounded by green verandas, each villa has private swimming pool with spacious pool area for an ultimate relax.

The Atrium Villas offers elegant comfort and privacy in more than 300 m2 of exclusive indoors and outdoors use, where green scenery and stunning views leave breathless.

The Atrium Villas are available from the beginning of May to the middle of October and there is a minimum stay of 7 nights required.


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